Want to Be the Most Memorable Person in the Room?

If you’ve ever found yourself at a dinner party, networking event or work conference where you have to make small talk with lots of people you haven’t met before then you’ll know how difficult it can be. Your palms grow sweaty as your struggle for conversation and you kick yourself for missing yet another opportunity to connect with someone interesting because you can’t think of something stimulating to say.

Never fear.

The friendly folks at our luxury London corporate apartments bring you their top tips for when you are feeling at a loose end in a crowded room.

Shower them with Compliments

They say flattery will get you nowhere, but we’re not so sure we agree. If you think someone has delivered an interesting speech, prepared a fantastic workshop or organised a great event, tell them so. You never know, it might lead to an invitation to a future event if you show an interest and appreciation for them.

Be Inquisitive

Try not to be too direct or imposing with what you ask people – particularly those you haven’t met before. Instead of asking what someone does for a living, which can sometimes seem a little nosy, instead ask them, ‘What’s Your Story?’; ‘Where have you travelled from today?’ or ‘How do you know the host?’. It shows you’re interested in what they have to say without giving them the third degree.

Seek Advice

If you have travelled from afar for an event, you probably don’t realise it, but you have lots of meaningful conversations at your fingertips. Ask for local restaurant recommendations or things to do in the area and you might even end up being invited to supper with a valuable contact.

Comment on Your Surroundings

If you’ve got nothing else, reach out to someone and simply comment on the venue, the refreshments or even the event itself. You might think it a little boring to do so, but it’s a little less intense than asking a direct question and a simple observation can open up an interesting discussion you might not otherwise have had.

We hope these hints and tips are of some help but, above all, relax, smile, enjoy yourself and the conversation will follow…

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