30 years of exceptional service from our beloved Head of Housekeeping, Lourdes

Photo credits: © @seancalitzphotography https://seancalitz.com/ (main image), 9 Hertford Street (images below)

This year, we are celebrating our Head of Housekeeping, Lourdes, being part of the 9 Hertford Street team for an incredible thirty years.

Lourdes joined us in 1993 when she was just 25 years old. With her boundless enthusiasm and affable nature, she soon settled into her new role whilst also establishing herself as a much-valued team member.

Lourdes has treasured every encounter with guests and firm friendships have been built. She adores welcoming familiar faces back to 9 Hertford Street and, equally, she finds just as much pleasure in meeting new guests. Lourdes has cherished every letter, card and gift she has received; it has brought her much joy to look through them again recently as she reflects on her three decades here.

Lourdes’ favourite time of year at 9 Hertford Street is Christmas as it feels so particularly special in this historic part of London. Enamoured by our location, Lourdes adores Shepherd Market for its wonderful friendly atmosphere, excellent range of shops and fantastic selection of restaurants.

In her own time, Lourdes enjoys walking, dancing and a cosy pyjama day.

Since starting here, Lourdes has welcomed a family of her own; she is a devoted mum of two children who she is especially proud of. She also regards her colleagues as her family as we do, her. With her beautifully sunny disposition and attentiveness, she wins the hearts of all of our guests and is a much-loved part of our team.

Thank you, Lourdes, for everything you do, you are so very appreciated and loved.

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of us and for being such a ray of sunshine each day!”

“Thank you so much for always taking the best care of us. We’re very, very appreciative.”

“Your friendliness and smiles brightened my time away from home.”

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