An Interview With Managing Director Aude

Located in a fine residential area, 9 Hertford Street’s executive Mayfair apartments pride ourselves on offering you a home away from home experience during your stay in London.

In keeping in the spirit of welcoming introductions, we are delighted to offer interviews with our staff so you can get to know them before your stay. We caught up with our Managing Director, Aude, for a quick chat about Mayfair, luxury apartments, upcoming events and the most unusual request she’s ever had from a guest.

Aude has been at 9 Hertford Street for seven years and was Co-Managing Director for the last four before becoming our Managing Director. Having worked at 9 Hertford Street for such a substantial amount of time, she knows the apartments inside out. “Apartment 101 is my favourite. With its spacious high ceilings and a view that overlooks the street, it’s very homely with touches of luxury. I love being able to see the wonderful Shepherd Market pub!”

Looking after our guests is always a priority, and our guest book full of warm and kind comments is a testament to our service. Aude believes that it’s the location and the staff that make 9 Hertford Street such a special place to stay. “Here, the staff are like family. The attention to detail in the apartments is impeccable and because we are not part of a chain our approach to guests and their experience is very bespoke.” This tailored experience is what brings people back to the apartments time and time again. But what is the most unusual request she’s ever had from a guest? “Once we had a guest who insisted on tickets for a Phil Collins concert – but the concert had been cancelled!”

And our guests are certainly great and small! As one of the best pet friendly apartments in London, our staff are used to interacting with animals of all shapes and sizes. Aude grew up with horses, donkeys and Shepherd’s dogs but nowadays she is more of a cat person. “My Bengal’s name is Loulou and she is the laziest cat ever. She bites my toes at 7 am every day. I guess it is my wake-up call to get to work.”

It’s clear from the moment that you walk into the building that the aesthetic is very artistic and chic. How was this achieved? “So the building has been up and running as a short let-resident business for 50 years. A result of this is that we benefit from beautiful artwork chosen by some of our long-standing owners. The building is run by a managing agent and director who have good taste, and always involve the owners in their choices. If there was one item of furniture I could put in my house, it would have the be the New York print as I love that city. Sadly, none of my living room walls are large enough to fit such a masterpiece!”

So Aude, what’s your favourite thing to do in Mayfair? “When I’m not working, I get a haircut at Kay Cavanagh, then walk around the quiet streets. Mayfair is a gem. Even when I am not working I love spending time at number 5 Hertford Street as it is so beautiful and the staff are so nice. I also like the bookies as I like to bet a few times a year for the main races. We have a few guests who are involved in horse racing and they always give me tips.”

What have you got in store for the next few months at our luxury serviced apartments? “It might be a few months away but we are very much involved in the Shepherd’s Market Christmas party!” And finally, Aude, what is your favourite thing about working at 9 Hertford Street? “It has to be my colleagues and our guests!”

Now that you’ve been introduced to a member of our team, why not experience firsthand what our luxury serviced apartments in Mayfair, London have to offer?  Book directly with us for the best rates, or if you prefer you can call us on 02074917650 or email and discover you own private Mayfair. Be sure to say hello to Aude when you meet her!
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