Dopamine Land: multi-sensory experience in South Kensington

Photo credit: © Fever/Dopamine Land

We very highly recommend the multi-sensory experience Dopamine Land, which combines media, technology and play. Located in South Kensington, this interactive show, with themed rooms full of colour, sound and fun, is absolutely perfect for all ages.

Created as a ‘world of happiness’, there is a pillow fight room, a digital forest, a bath ballpit and a popcorn room to name but a few.

So that you don’t become overwhelmed as you work your way through the experience, the designers have cleverly incorporated decompression spaces.

Secret London write: “At Dopamine Land, you’ll venture up, down, left and right, following an almost maze-like planned route. The use of sound here is so intriguing: you hop from chilled melodies to 80s pop in a heartbeat, yet the transition seems totally natural. The use of the colourful installations, moving projections, and nostalgic games was absolutely enchanting.”

The installation runs until 30 April and you can secure your tickets here.

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