Hidden London tours of historically important local landmark Down Street – Churchill’s secret station

We are absolutely delighted that a building of great historical importance, just a minute’s walk from Hertford Street, will be opening its doors for public tours from next month.

Down Street underground station served as the war cabinet’s bomb-proof headquarters during World War II. It was also used by the Railway Executive Committee from 1939 until 1947; meeting spaces, offices, a telephone exchange, mess rooms, dining areas, bathrooms and dorms were built to accommodate up to 40 staff. The rooms, which have been untouched since, will be shown on the tour.

Down Street only ran as an underground station between 1907 and 1932; because of its proximity to Green Park station, and the affluence of locals who preferred to use private means of transport, it was little used.

The tours are being held by Hidden London (London Transport Museum) and tickets go on sale tomorrow (3 December). To learn more and to purchase tickets, please click here.

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