Pipe Up for Pipe Organs bringing the joy of music to London Bridge station

Photo credit: © Aude Gimonet

Passengers are invited to play this incredible 250 pipe organ which has been installed at London Bridge station, turning a busy and beautiful stop into a temple of love.

The organ’s sponsors, Pipe Up for Pipe Organs, save redundant and endanged pipe organs so that they can be enjoyed again. This particular organ dates from the 1880s and was previously used at Whetstone’s United Reformed Church. It was built by the eminent Henry Jones, of south west London, who took seven years to meticulously learn his trade. His largest and most prestigious commission was for Westminster’s Royal Aquarium.

Speaking to Rail Advent, Anna Lapwood, organist, said: “As organists, we often lament the fact that our instruments are often hidden away out of sight and so they are rather difficult to stumble across in everyday life. The organ at London Bridge station has completely changed this! It has been so moving to see it played at almost all hours of the day by everyone from small children trying an organ for the first time, all the way through to professionals who happen to be passing by. Thank you to the team at ‘Pipe Up for Pipe Organs’ for reminding us that this is an instrument that people find fascinating, if only they can get close enough to try it themselves!”

Coming across something like this can really make your day. Thank you, Pipe Up for Pipe Organs.

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